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1. Fundamental Courses

As name suggests, this categories includes courses that are fundamental. These courses are

very basic need to start any other course. If you don’t know these courses, then it would be

hard to step ahead. Either you want to learn C, C++, Python, PHP or any Professional Level

Course. These courses are basic need.

This Category includes following courses,

1. AMP

2. Eclipse

3. Internet

4. Windows 7

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1. Fundamental Courses

As name suggests, this categories includes courses that are fundamental. These courses are

very basic need to start any other course. If you don’t know these courses, then it would be

hard to step ahead. Either you want to learn C, C++, Python, PHP or any Professional Level

Course. These courses are basic need.

This Category includes following courses,

1. AMP

2. Eclipse

3. Internet

4. Windows 7

5. Windows 8

6. Ubuntu 12

7. Mac OS X Lion

As you can see this category includes very basic courses. For example if you don’t know

Windows 7 or Windows 8 Operating system. How to utilize features of particular operating

system, How to create files or how to open folder? How can you go ahead? Operating

system is basic software of any computer system. So before learning any course you will

need to learn specific operating system. There are 4 OS in this category. This may needed as

per further courses you select. Each has their own set of features. If you are more focused in

code writing then Ubuntu is best for you. If you are in animation and 3D modeling field the

MAC is best option.

For normal software development and Microsoft related work Windows OS are best suited.

Eclipse and AMP are two courses which are focused on development environment.

So this category is all about basic working environment for further Learning. That’s why it

is Fundamental Courses.

2. Official Work

Computer has brought revolution in word processing. Today computers are very basic need

of any office. Microsoft products have revolutionized the way we manage our office. MS

Office suit have done a wonderful work in automating and managing office work. This

categories courses are all about the how can we manage our office in a best way.

This Category includes following courses,

1. MS Word

2. MS Excel

3. MS Power Point

4. MS Publisher

5. MS Outlook

6. MS Visio

7. MS Front Page

8. Tally ERP 9

In this Category 7 courses out of 8 are from MS Office Suite and one is another courses.

These all courses are very useful; usefulness of particular courses may be different from

person to person. For example, MS word is mostly needed to those people who manage

formatted textual and semi formatted textual information. This software is very useful for

writers, report makers, documenters and those who want to store lots of textual information

in good formatted manner.

World’s one of the powerful software for spreadsheet is MS Excel. This is very useful when

you want to store financial data, and after that you want to do extensive reporting on that.

So this category includes very useful software, PowerPoint which is used to create very

beautiful courses, MS Publisher used to mainly to create publishing related stuff. For

mailing stuff outlook is best option, MS Visio is wonderful for created graphical

representation of various system. Front page tool by which u can create basic html web

pages by just few clicks, that fascinating, isn’t it?

Tally ERP is the only course which is not a part of MS Office Suite. This is very useful

software for inventory management.

So after learning this category, there will be many scopes for you about making careers in

normal offices and administrative tasks. Today these are the basic software which are

needed to work in any office. So this is best category if you want to work in offices and

learn the software which can manage your office in efficient way.

3. Web Designing and Scripting

This category contains variety of courses related to web development, web designing and

scripting. If you don’t know anything about web designing, then you will find here courses

from basic to mid-level advanced courses. Like HTML, CSS to Higher level courses like

PHP and

Courses of this category are professional and career oriented courses. After learning these

courses you can dive deep into particular courses from other sources. These courses will

earn you lots of money, if you want to become IT Professional.

This Category includes following courses,


2. CSS

3. JavaScript


5. HTML5

6. WML

7. JQuery

8. PHP


10. JSP

11. XML

12. XSLT

13. VB Script

14. Ajax

15. Adobe Dreamweaver


This courses covers from basic to advance. For example, you want to start from scratch,

from first point then you will have to start from HTML. HTML is a basic markup language.

This is first pre requisite to any course. Because this is the world’s most used language.

Without this language you can’t see thing on any browser. CSS is a style it can be used to

make web pages more beautiful. As you learn more courses of this category, you will learn

more and more functionality and features. Like JavaScript to add more dynamic client side

programming, JQuery to ease the client side manipulations. XML to for information storage.

Ajax for Asynchronous Server side calls.

So this category contains huge knowledge value. After studying this category you will be

able to design web pages and create web sites, very easily. So enjoy web designing.

4. Animation and Movie Making

Today animation industry is taking exponential take off. More and more people are being

enthusiastic about going into animation and movie making industry. Animation and 3d

modeling has been very good way to present imaginative stories to the audience. Stories that

can be hard to present in form of real people. So we dramatize those stories into animated


All courses of this category are related to movie animation, VFX and 3D Modeling. If you

want to create animated movie then you will have to do a 3D modeling first. This is about it.

If you have shot a movie and you want to do post production things like movie editing, color

correction, VFX and effects. Then you are at right place.

This Category includes following courses,

1. After Effects

2. Adobe Flash

3. Adobe Premiere

4. 3Ds Max

5. Maya

Above courses are professional software which is used in current movie industry for postproduction

and animation purpose. For example after effects is all about motion graphics

and 3d effects after movie. It’s post-production software. Flash is also a movie and

animation related software. Premiere is mostly used for movie editing and basic color

correction related stuff. 3ds max is software for 3d modeling. It’s used for making animation

model. 3d modeling is basic technique to any animated movie. Maya is also a 3d modeling.

You can utilize benefits if wireframe techniques using this software.

So this category is very useful who want to learn basics of animation and post production

related stuff.

5. Programming and Software Development

Today software industry is a most favorite industry of youth. Scope of software

development is infinite. Your imagination is limit.

If you want to dive into programming and software development, this is the best category.

This category covers many basic courses like C programming, C++ to more advanced

courses like Java, C#, Python etc.

Most of the programming languages are in software industry for software development. This

category covers essential of every programming language which is covered in this category.

This Category includes following courses,

1. C Programming

2. C Plus Plus

3. Data structures in C

4. C Sharp



7. Java

8. Visual Basic 6

9. Action Script

10. Python

11. Perl

12. CGI

13. Ruby

May be you haven’t heard name of some courses listed above. But those are early players

and took revolution in software industry. For example today C Programming is not used for

software development, but still it is consider as a best programming language for embedded

system like home automation.

So After studying this category you will be able to do start extensive learning in particular

programming language. So this category is all about programming and software


6. Database

In IT Industry Data is everything. As IT name itself Information technology. Information

can only derived from Data. So to story data IT Industry uses various databases. Database is

a most important entity in any software development process. Today Data administration

and Data Science is a most paying job in the world. In IT Data is everything. If data is lost

then it is considered to be a most catastrophic event. There will be huge amount of capital

loss. So Data is a very crucial thing in IT.

This category is all about data and database which is used to store enormous amount of data.

In this category you will find courses related to database. Which are used to store data.

Query is are the statement which are used to get some portion of database. So database have

many functionality which are used to manipulate data.

This Category includes following courses,

1. My SQL

2. MS SQL Server

3. Oracle

You can choose any one of above database as per your requirement. Each one has its own

set of features. For example with PHP generally My SQL is used. It’s open source and light

weight. MS SQL Server is used most when there is a huge amount of data. When there is

faster and secure transaction required then oracle should be preference.

So this category is one of the most important categories for those who want to become IT

Professionals. After Learning this courses you would be able to do querying on set of

records in your database.

7. Desktop Publishing

This category contains courses for those people who want to go for designing. 7 Courses a

perfect pack for beginner designers. Desktop publishing had created buzz when Macintosh

was released. Desktop publishing was one of the main features of Macintosh.

Desktop publishing courses are used mainly for designing purpose, although it has many

other uses like typesetting and documentation related. But it’s mainly used for designing

purpose. Software like Adobe Fireworks, Adobe Edge used by web designer to create

interactive web pages. Drag and drop feature of these software makes easy operations to any

developer. It is used by wide audience and web developers.

Other than web developing these softwares are also used by graphic designers, photo

professionals also. For example Illustrator is one of the leading software used by digital

designers. Photoshop is used by photographers for color correction and editing.

This Category includes following courses,

1. Corel Draw

2. Adobe Photoshop

3. Adobe PageMaker

4. Adobe Illustrator

5. Adobe InDesign

6. Adobe fireworks

7. Adobe Edge Animate

Category has all kind of courses which is related to designing. For example Corel Draw is

used by graphic designer, brochure designer. Photoshop is used by photo professional,

Adobe Illustrator is used by vector graphic designers, this is one of very popular software

and most used software for graphic designing. Adobe InDesign is also one of the desktop

publishing software. Mainly used for print media like books, brochure, posters. Adobe

Fireworks and Edge Animate are softwares which are used by web developers, to create web

layouts, web designs, page formats and working prototype.

So this category is used for those who want to go into beautiful design world.

8. Special Courses and CAD

This category contains courses which have high industry value. If you know any of this

software very well, then you are considered to be most salaried person. These are very

valuable courses.

In this category we can say there are two sub categories, one is CAD. CAD type softwares

are mostly used by Engineers like construction, building crafts and prototypes, wireframes

of Automobile Objects. AutoCAD is world most popular software for Industrial design. Pro

and Revit also best software for industrial software.

Second sub category is Special courses which are software development related.

This Category includes following courses,

1. Android Development

2. Revit

3. iPhone Development

4. Ethical Hacking

5. AutoCAD

6. Pro Engineer

All courses are very useful and covers essential of particular software. For example today

there is a huge market for android app. Android Development course will teach you basics

of how to develop android application. What are the features and what is the process to start

App development. Similarly iPhone Development, when you want to develop apps for APP

Store these course can be helpful. Ethical Hacking is all about security related concern.

Courses other than these are related to industry design. So we have said earlier courses of

this category have higher industrial value.

After learning this category you would be able to start learning in depth. All courses

included in this category covers essential of particular course.

Importance of Courses

Today almost every white color person has to deal with computers; in product research we found that everybody is concern with a bunch of special courses.

Some Examples:

 A school student : Windows (7 or 8), Internet, MS Office

 An average job person : Windows (7 or 8), Internet, MS Office

 Commerce background : All above + Tally

 Science background: All above + Specific courses (eg. C/C++, AutoCAD, Revit)

 Computer Background : All/Most of our courses

After doing this research we found that the requirement of these courses in today’s market is really very high and rapidly growing so we decided to go in this market and develop a packaged solution that will help our customers to get benefit out of this huge opportunity.

Let’s take some course(s) for an example:

Operating Systems [Windows, Ubuntu, Mac OSX]: Any computer device needs an operating system using which a user can use that computer, these operating system are the backbone of any computer so learning them is very important.

MS Office [MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint]: All of these courses are required to increase productivity and efficiency in day to day activities. Document Creation, Presentation Making, Basic Math & Accounting can be a lot easier with knowledge of these courses.

Internet: Internet is world’s fastest growing and biggest network, It’s a network of computer networks and World Wide Web is the way to the future, We teach you how you can dive into it and get benefited from this huge network and some of its applications

Tally: In accounting tally is very popular and reliable tool that help one to do all the accounting and book keeping tasks easily it is very important and essential skill to acquire for any accounting individual.

C/C++: These are the fundamental languages that influence a lot of programming languages, learning these languages will be very easy and fun with our courses where you will be able to

understand some basic concepts and you can become master by starting with the course and practicing it every day.

Visual Basic/ VB.NET: These languages are very important if you want to develop on Microsoft platform which is the most popular application development platform of personal computers, we teach you how to start from a basic application to database applications

Core Java: Java is the most popular programming language in the world; it is used for developing systems, applications, interfaces, web and lot of other stuff now days. It is a compulsory ingredient for IT students as Java runs of more than 3 billion devices today

Android Application Fundamentals: Android is the a very popular mobile platform which is backed by Google and it’s a Rage now, Almost 400 million android devices have been sold so this platform is great for mobile developers. We teach you how to start with android, setting up development environment and developing your own applications

Ethical Hacking: Hacking is a buzz word in computer world since its beginning; there is a lot of misunderstanding about this word, most of people think its illegal some of them think its not possible, We will help you to understand it and teach you how to exploit and hack systems and also how to protect your system from being hacked easily

Engineering [AutoCAD, Revit, ProE]: These courses are very special and belongs to a very specific computing purpose, We do not focus on the part that an engineer already know (how to measure, what to measure, where to indicate) but instead in these courses we focused on how to do what you already know with these particular software (Software interface, tools, working on projects)

Animation [Adobe Flash, Maya]: These courses are also for a special computing purpose which is to make animated movies, It is a very wide spectrum of computing and it is flying very high today, We take you from the ground and teach you the fundamentals of working with these software that will help you to start your animation project right from the scratch

Scripting Languages [HTML, HTML5, CSS, JS, ASP.NET, PHP] : These courses are important if you belong to web development, as we have already discussed about the reach and popularity of World Wide Web, these are the courses that will help to you build your career on that. We

teach you from the basics of how to build a static website with HTML to dynamic websites with JavaScript, ASP.NET and PHP

iOS Development: iOS is very emerging mobile platform from Apple, It is very intuitive and very user-friendly which is the key ingredient in success of iPhone and iPad. We teach you how to setup your computer for iOS development and start developing iOS application using Xcode and Objective C, after perusing this course one will be able to build an App within a day or two.

Our Video Modules

One can learn these courses from a lot of different options, but following are some reasons that will help you to recognize our courses as the best option for you.

1. We are on Internet

 Freedom of Time : You can learn anytime

 Freedom of Place : You can learn from anywhere

 Freedom of Age : There is no age limit

2. We serve these course in Effective Audio Visual form

 We deliver featured audio visual content

 Our content is loaded with effects on them that help you to learn easily

 Videos are prepared with Zoom In – Zoom Out effects that catches your attention and you will be able to remember the lesson for a longer period

 Our video content is featured by explanations in pop-ups so that you can pause the video and understand the activity on the spot

 Our Courses are narrated in Indian accent as foreign accent is tough to understand; so with our courses you spend more time in learning the course and not on figuring out vocals of the video

 It’s not just a video, It’s a complete explained topic

3. Last but not least, our pricing model is so attractive and comfortable that make these courses so affordable

Compare us with others Coaching Centers YouTube/Free Online Sources Paid/ Commercial Online Sources ELP Content Range Doesn’t provide everything you need Available but totally disconnected content Doesn’t provide everything you need We have enough that an average person need to learn Content Quantity

Depend upon classes that they offer and you attend

Not enough for every course you want


We have enough content that makes the topic clear Attention Full attention as the teacher and student are in same class Very low because of Ads, Banners, other videos thumbnails, social stream Fair enough High attention because of the added effects Usability


Low because the video is not sure of being uploaded by a professional or subject expert

Fair enough

High because of the intention of our courses is to teach you and because of its effects Note Taking Easy & Effective Hard yet not effective because the content you are watching may not be relevant to the previous topics that you have learnt or upcoming topics Easy & Effective Very easy because of the effects like Highlight and point-outs, Explanation Popup make it easy to just pause and take notes Practical Approach

Low, Coaching center mostly focus on theoretical knowledge



Absolutely, our video teaches you what & how to do using the video you can do the same stuff and practice on your own Price High Free Comparatively High Affordable

Benefits for Primary School Students

In primary schools around the country most of the

students are taught basic concepts of computer

operating and fundamentals of internet along with

it’s benefits.

These skills are very useful for their study and serve

as foundation for further development. We

provide many of these useful courses which make

it very easy to learn these skills and really basic

concepts with "How to" steps so that kids can learn

practical applications of the lessons they learn in

the class.

Benefits for High School Students

Sudents in the secondary school have to learn a lot

of different things in their computer studies. These

lessons are based on the basic understanding they

have acquired during their primary education,

these lessons include Microsoft Word, Microsoft

PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access

and other MS Office applications along with some

basic programming knowledge.

Many school curriculums include working on

projects that require internet related skillset for

example knowledge about Wikipedia, Searching

for various educational content, working online

and celebrating with others. We provide the same

“How to” videos for all of the courses and skills

mentioned above that way it provides an easy

revision as well as practical explanation of the

lessons they learn in school.

Benefits for Computer Applications Students

Degree Courses related computer applications like

BCA, MCA, MScIT heavily rely on practical

understanding of computer software development


We provide a wide range of these courses that

include various programming languages, scripting

language, web design and development, database,

mobile application development and security.

These skills are not only required to obtain a degree

but they are highly valuable in terms of getting a

job in ever expanding IT industry.

Benefits for Engineering Students

Any engineering degree or diploma course require

students to have adequate knowledge of various

computer skills including C Programming and

e n g i n e e r i n g fi e l d s l i k e E l e c t r o n i c s a n d

Communications, Computer Science, Information

Technology, Mechatronics require a lot more

programming skills.

Students pursuing these degrees need to learn

these practical skills along with their curriculum.

Students in Architecture, Automobile, Civil and

Mechanical needs to learn some CAD related

software that is used in designing models and

simulating environments and systems. We provide

an essential understanding of some of these very

valuable software using which students in these

branches of engineering can have a practical edge

for their career.

Benefits for Under Graduate Students

All College students should be capable enough to

operate a computer and perform the task required

in their studies.

Along with that in courses like B.A., B.Com., B.Sc.,

B.B.A. and their respective master degree courses

there are some common computer applications

like researching on internet, preparing reports,

preparing presentation, statistical modelling,

collaborating online with their peers.

Since these things are not too hard to learn or

understand colleges do not include these skills in

their curriculum that’s why most of the students

have to figure these things out by themselves or

join a computer class. Some commerce degree

courses require students to learn accounting

software like Tally/MS Excel/MS Access. We

provide all of these courses in way that students

can learn how to do these things very easily &



01. 3Ds Max

Animation and Movie Making



Programming Languages, Web Development


05. Adobe Dreamweaver

Web Development Skills

07. Adobe Fireworks

Desktop Publishing

09. Adobe Illustrator

Desktop Publishing, Animation and Movie


11. Adobe PageMaker

Desktop Publishing

13. Adobe Premiere Pro

Animation and Movie Making

15. Android Development Basics

Mobile Technologies

17. Autodesk AutoCAD

CAD and Engineering

19. Autodesk Revit

CAD and Engineering

21. C ++

Programming Languages


Programming Languages

02. Action Script

Animation and Movie Making, Programming


04. Adobe After Effects

Animation and Movie Making

06. Adobe Edge Animate

Web Development Skills, Animation and Movie


08. Adobe Flash

Animation and Movie Making

10. Adobe InDesign

Desktop Publishing

12. Adobe Photoshop

Web Development Skills, Desktop Publishing

14. AjAX

Web Development Skills, Mobile Technologies


Web Development Skills, Programming


18. Autodesk Maya

Animation and Movie Making

20. Basic Utilities

Using Online Services, Working Online

22. C Programming

Programming Languages

24. Common Gateway Interface

Web Development Skills

25. Concepts of Internet

Working Online


27. Corel Draw

Desktop Publishing

29. Datastructures in C

Programming Languages

31. Eclipse IDE

Web Development Skills

33. HTML

Web Development Skills


Web Development Skills

37. iPhone Development Basics

Mobile Technologies

39. Java Server Page

Web Development Skills

41. jQuery

Web Development Skills

43. Microsoft Access

Microsoft Office, Database

45. Microsoft Excel Online

Microsoft Office, Working Online, Useful

Computer Skills

47. Microsoft Outlook

Useful Computer Skills, Microsoft Office,

Working Online

26. Configuring AMP

Web Development Skills

28. CSS

Web Development Skills


Web Development Skills

32. Ethical Hacking


34. HTML 5

Web Development Skills

36. Introduction to Ubuntu

Operating Systems Guide

38. Java Programming

Programming Languages

40. Javascript

Web Development Skills, Programming


42. Mac OS X Lion

Operating Systems Guide

44. Microsoft Excel 2007

Useful Computer Skills, Microsoft Office

46. Microsoft Frontpage

Microsoft Office

48. Microsoft Powerpoint 2007

Useful Computer Skills, Microsoft Office

49. Microsoft PowerPoint Online

Microsoft Office, Working Online, Useful

Computer Skills


51. Microsoft SQL Server


53. Microsoft Word 2007

Useful Computer Skills, Microsoft Office

55. MySQL


57. Perl Programming Language

Programming Languages, Web Development


59. PHP Programming Basics

Web Development Skills, Programming


61. Python Basics

Programming Languages

63. Tally ERP 9

Useful Computer Skills

65. VB.NET Basics for Projects

Programming Languages, Web Development


67. Visual Basic Script

Programming Languages

69. Windows 7 Interface Guide

Operating Systems Guide, Useful Computer


71. Wireless Markup Language

Web Development Skills

50. Microsoft Publisher

Microsoft Office, Working Online

52. Microsoft Visio

Microsoft Office

54. Microsoft Word Online

Microsoft Office, Working Online, Useful

Computer Skills

56. Oracle Database


58. Photoshop for Professionals

Desktop Publishing

60. Pro Engineer

CAD and Engineering

62. Ruby Programming

Programming Languages, Web Development



Programming Languages, Web Development


66. Visual Basic 6

Programming Languages

68. Windows 10 Interface Guide

Useful Computer Skills, Operating Systems


70. Windows 8 Interface Guide

Operating Systems Guide, Useful Computer


72. XML

Web Development Skills

73. XSLT

Web Development Skills


75. एच. टी. एम. एल.

􀃓यवसायी क􀃌􀃈यूटर 􀃖क


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